We're from Victoria, and here for the community

Victoria, BC is our home, and we take personal pride in maintaining it! We are the largest enterprise of our kind servicing Vancouver Island. 

Our core values of reliability and commitment to quality are integral to our structure and philosophies and are carried over to every one of our clients.  

Years of experience
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Our Story

Victoria Home Pros Inc. launched in full force in 2015, however the genesis of our enterprise dates back much further. We have always gravitated to entrepreneurship paired with a dedication and admiration of our lifelong home, Victoria, British Columbia. We have explored this world, working in a contractor capacity with various other local companies. After years of observing and being underwhelmed by the lack of structured, quality services offered in the community, it was time to apply the age-old philosophy: “If you want something done right, do it yourself!” 

Following years of observation, bootstrapping and trial and error in an independent contractor capacity, Victoria Home Pros was launched in 2015 and has been on an astonishing upward trajectory ever since. 

With such a strong foundation and deep understanding through years of on-the-ground experience, the company philosophies and values are deeply rooted and unshakeable. 

We have been learning, growing and thriving with our community for the past 8 years, and have built an incredible relationship with our clients – a clientele list now running into the thousands. 

Join the Vic Home Pros family today, and let us rejuvenate your property. 

Why us?

High Quality Equipment

After many years in this industry, we have come to understand the importance of top of the line, well-serviced equipment. A truly fantastic cleaning job depends not only on the skill of the worker, but on the quality of the tools. This is why we have invested in super light-weight carbon-fiber poles, micro-bristle brushes, BE pressure washers, deionization tanks, and much more. 

Why us?

Customer Service

Without a doubt, along with the guaranteed high-quality service we provide, our biggest point of pride is in our customer service. Our contractors are conscientious and professional in their work, and extremely charismatic and proactive in addressing customer concerns. They understand the value of having a positive and helpful attitude. We view each endeavour as a partnership with our clients, and always approach the job and our customers with the intention of going above and beyond in order to satisfy all client concerns. Our managers and their crews make it their priority to ensure client satisfaction.

Why us?

Environmentally Sustainable

We are an eco-conscious enterprise. The chemicals we use are very mild, specifically targeting the biology of moss and lichen, and do not harm animals, plants, children or adults. We have carefully vetted and selected our equipment such that we use technology at any given opportunity instead of harsh soaps and cleaning agents to get the windows looking perfect. Our disposal bags are 100% compostable, and we make sure to source all equipment from reputable companies with a good history of environmental responsibility. All used equipment is recycled. So you can rest easy when you go with Victoria Home Pros, your are making a responsible choice for your environment!


The team behind
Victoria Home Pros

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