Roof Moss Removal

Roof moss removal is very important for houses in Victoria with our west coast climate.

We offer Roof Moss Removal Services in Greater Victoria, Sidney, Sooke, Langford, Colwood, Saanich, View Royal, Metchosin, Westshore and everywhere in between.

Moss is a widespread problem on Victoria rooftops due to west coast weather in British Columbia. Drive down a Victoria street, and you'll see moss growing on many roofs. Not only is this unattractive, but if left unchecked moss can also cause serious damage to your roof.

Regular maintenance and occasional demossing are important. Not only does moss look unsightly, but it can also damage your roof and home.

How We Remove The Moss

Our experienced contractors wholly and systematically remove the moss from the roof with gentle and effective methods. Specific techniques and specialised brush heads ensure zero damage to the underlying material.

It is essential to have experienced technicians do this work! An inexperienced approach will leave you with more damage and headache than you started with.

How We Prevent Moss from Regrowing

After the moss removal, a chemical treatment spray is applied to the roof, killing the remaining microscopic moss spores. This roof moss removal treatment will last 12 – 18 months.

This step is crucial - Without the spray, the moss will respawn very quickly. The chemical used specifically targets the biology of moss and lichen. It does not harm animals, plants, children or adults.

The roof moss removal process is now complete! With regular spray treatments, major physical Moss Removal should not be needed again. We recommend getting on a scheduled, annual spraying maintenance plan.

Talk to us about setting up an Annual Preventative Treatment Spray to prevent moss growth.


We offer a 12-month warranty to take care of any conspicuous regrowth of moss. The warranty is extended with every Annual Preventative Spray Treatment!

Why Is It Important To Remove Moss?

Moss is more than just an eyesore; it can cause serious damage to your roof. As the moss grows, it pushes against and loosens the shingles. This can lead to water infiltration and significant leaks. In extreme cases, the roof might even collapse.

Not only does moss damage your roof, but it also decreases the efficiency of your home’s insulation. As moss continues to grow, it blocks sunlight and air circulation, traps heat, and causes your energy bills to skyrocket.

How often should I remove moss from my roof?

It is generally recommended to remove moss from your roof every two years. However, this will vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of roof you have. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with a professional.

How much does roof moss removal cost?

The cost of removing moss from your roof will depend on the size and pitch of your roof, as well as the extent of the infestation. For a typical 2,000-square-foot house with a moderate level of moss growth, you can expect to pay between $450 and $1,500 for professional roof moss removal. As noted this can vary highly with the condition and configuration of the roof. We provide free on-site estimates - contact us for one today!

Can I remove moss from my roof myself?

While it is possible to remove moss from your roof yourself, we highly recommend against it. Not only is it dangerous to be working on your roof, but you could also end up doing more harm than good. It is best to leave this job to the professionals.

What are the consequences of not removing moss from my roof?

If you do not remove moss from your roof on a regular basis, it can cause serious damage. As the moss grows, it will loosen and lift the shingles, which can lead to leaks and water damage. In extreme cases, the roof might even collapse. Additionally, moss will decrease the efficiency of your home’s insulation, trapping heat and causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

What time of year is best to remove most from my roof?

The best time of year to remove moss from your roof is in the late fall or early spring. This is when the moss is most active and likely to cause damage.  However, roof moss removal can be done at any time of year.

How long does roof moss removal take?

The amount of time it takes to remove moss from your roof will depend on the size and pitch of your roof, as well as the extent of the infestation. For a typical 2,000-square-foot house with a moderate level of moss growth, you can expect the job to take between four and eight hours.

What type of roofs can you treat?

All types of roofs are susceptible to moss growth, and all types of roofs can be safely and effectively treated. This includes asphalt shingles, metal roofs, cedar shake roofs, tile roofs, and more.

What is the difference between roof moss removal and power washing?

Roof moss removal is a process that involves manually removing the moss from your roof with a brush or rake. Power washing is a method of using high-powered water to blast away the moss. While power washing can be effective, it can also be very damaging to your roof. That’s why we recommend roof moss removal instead.

How will I know if the moss is gone after the roof moss removal process?

After the roof moss removal process is complete, a trained technician will inspect your roof to ensure that all of the moss has been removed. In most cases, you will be able to see and feel the difference immediately.

What type of warranty do you offer?

All of our roof moss removal services come with a 12 month warranty. If you join us for a yearly maintenance plan, every 12 months we re-spray your roof. With each Chemical Treatment Spray our warranty extends a further 12 months!

Are your roof moss removal services guaranteed?

Yes, all of our roof moss removal services are 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will come back and re-treat your roof for free.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a discount if you bundle services. Contact us for a free in-person estimate. 

Is roof moss removal covered by insurance?

In most cases, roof moss removal is not covered by insurance. However, we recommend checking with your provider to see if they offer any coverage for this type of service.

What causes moss to grow on roofs?

Moss needs two things to grow: Shade and Moisture. If a roof is shady and/or gets moist, moss will grow. It's that simple.

How do I prevent moss from growing on my roof?

There are a few things you can do to prevent moss from growing on your roof. First, make sure that your gutters are clean and clear of debris. This will allow water to flow freely and not pool on your roof. Second, trim back any trees or shrubs that are touching your roof. Moss loves damp and shady areas, so keeping your roof in the sun will help discourage growth. Finally, consider installing copper strips along the edge of your roof. These will create a barrier that Moss can't cross.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to Roof Moss Removal, we offer individual gutter services such as Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Installation, Roof Repairs, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Small Construction/Carpentry. Most recently we have added Roof Rejuvenation to our services! This revolutionary technique can restore your roof and eliminate the need for a costly roof replacement! Learn More Here!

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your roof moss removal needs and provide you with a custom solution.


Read some reviews from real customers in Victoria, BC. Read all our reviews on Google.

"We had the Oldridge brothers out yesterday to de-moss and treat our roof, as well as take care of the gutters inside and out.  They were both amazing!  Very kind, personable, professional and thorough.  Our roof looks like it's new again.  We can't say enough good stuff about the whole experience with the team at VHP!  From the initial consult right through to the completion of the job!  We will be using their services again in the future for other projects around the house.Thanks, guys!  You've got new clients for life!  Keep up the amazing work!"

Dottie Smith
Victoria, BC

"I used Victoria Home Pros for roof moss removal, cleaning the gutters, washing the siding, and pressure washing a concrete patio. They did a fantastic job. The end result look amazing. They cleaned up all of the mess. They sent a hard working team. Andre, the team manager, provided great communication during the entire process. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them."

Jason Brodie
Victoria, BC

"Andre and Brendon did outstanding work at my home yesterday. Their attention to detail is second to none from start to clean-up. My roof (de-moss and spray), inner gutters, and gutter faces look like new and my windows sparkle! If you are looking for quality work at a fair price there is no one to compare their friendly and efficient service to. I will never use anyone else. Thanks again guys!"

Hilary Jordan
Victoria, BC

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