NEW Roof Rejuvenation

Thinking you Need a Roof Replacement? Think Again!

Worries about the daunting prospect of a complete roof replacement? We have a solution– Vic Home Pros presents Roof Rejuvenation, your ultimate solution to save both your money and your roof.

What Exactly is Roof Rejuvenation?

Roof Rejuvenation stands as a groundbreaking treatment, harnessing the power of soybean oil. This eco-friendly, all-natural innovation seeps deep into your shingles, replenishing lost oils and restoring vital flexibility for an impenetrable seal. Unlike the messy and time-consuming process of traditional roof replacements, Roof Rejuvenation offers a swift, clean application that wraps up in just a couple of hours.

The Savvy Substitute for Roof Replacement

Bid farewell to the headaches, expenses, and disruptions tied to conventional roof replacements. Roof Rejuvenation brings forth a multitude of benefits:

Cost Efficiency: Slash expenses by up to 80% compared to a full roof replacement.

Extended Durability: Each treatment adds a substantial five years to your roof's lifespan, with the potential for up to 15 years with recurring treatments.

Proven Preservation: Rigorous testing and scientific studies have endorsed Roof Rejuvenation's prowess in fortifying and safeguarding aging roofs.

How it Works

Asphalt roofs succumb to age, losing vital oils and succumbing to cracks and leaks. Our bio-based rejuvenation treatment delves deep into your shingles, replenishing lost oils, restoring flexibility, and enhancing waterproofing protection. The outcome? A roof that not only looks splendid but also performs exceptionally while keeping your wallet intact.

Perks of Roof Rejuvenation

Prolong Shingle Life: Augment your existing shingles with up to a decade of additional lifespan.

Substantial Savings: Reap significant cost advantages over the conventional route of roof replacement.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Restore your roof's former glory and uplift its overall appearance.

Eco-Friendly Essence: Our plant-based formula champions environmental sustainability, ensuring shingles stay clear of landfills.

Is Your Roof Ready for a Revival?

If your shingles exhibit signs of aging, granular loss, or damage, Roof Rejuvenation could be the silver bullet you've been seeking. Our meticulous inspection guarantees an honest assessment and the most suitable options for your roof's needs.

The Process

Before applying the rejuvenation treatment, our team of experts will execute a comprehensive roof tune-up. The application process itself is swift, neat, and secure, concluding in under two hours. Once administered, the solution sets to work, reinstating flexibility, waterproofing protection, and granular adhesion.

What other services do you provide?

We provide interior gutter cleaning with every roof moss removal job - This is part of your Roof Rejuvenation Service! Additionally,  we offer gutter installation, roof repairs, window cleaning, and pressure washing and small construction.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your roof moss removal needs and provide you with a custom solution.


Read some reviews from real customers in Victoria, BC. Read all our reviews on Google.

"We had the Oldridge brothers out yesterday to de-moss and treat our roof, as well as take care of the gutters inside and out.  They were both amazing!  Very kind, personable, professional and thorough.  Our roof looks like it's new again.  We can't say enough good stuff about the whole experience with the team at VHP!  From the initial consult right through to the completion of the job!  We will be using their services again in the future for other projects around the house.Thanks, guys!  You've got new clients for life!  Keep up the amazing work!"

Dottie Smith
Victoria, BC

"I used Victoria Home Pros for roof moss removal, cleaning the gutters, washing the siding, and pressure washing a concrete patio. They did a fantastic job. The end result look amazing. They cleaned up all of the mess. They sent a hard working team. Andre, the team manager, provided great communication during the entire process. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them."

Jason Brodie
Victoria, BC

"Andre and Brendon did outstanding work at my home yesterday. Their attention to detail is second to none from start to clean-up. My roof (de-moss and spray), inner gutters, and gutter faces look like new and my windows sparkle! If you are looking for quality work at a fair price there is no one to compare their friendly and efficient service to. I will never use anyone else. Thanks again guys!"

Hilary Jordan
Victoria, BC

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